Career in the time of Coronavirus

Positioning your students for post-graduation career success



Set your students up for career success

Amid a background of record levels of unemployment (and uncertainty), how can you help students put their best selves forward as they prepare to enter a rocky job market? InsideTrack Training & Development Specialists Brad McKerihan and Tina Jones walk you through the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Beliefs (KSABs) needed to address career and career-related questions. Aligning the KSABs and creating a plan can help students find their path forward in these troubling times.


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Due to the coronavirus, the career services office at many colleges and universities is expanding to an “all hands on deck” approach that incorporates additional student-facing staff members. As a way to offer support, we’ve asked our experts to create a series of short videos, each spotlighting a different career resource with tips, how-tos and practical applications you can use with students at any stage of their career path. In addition, each video is accompanied by a shareable, downloadable tool or worksheet, designed to supplement the information you just learned.

Tapping Into Networking Tips
Discover four different easy-to-activate network tips you can share with your students — each designed with the current environment of isolation and social distancing in mind.

Building Skills and Strengths 
Learn how to help your students reskill, upskill or translate their skills to new or different career fields — a crucial attribute in today’s quickly and continuously shifting job market.

Nurturing a Growth Mindset
Find out how you can challenge your students’ mindset around career to impact their success — embodying an agile and adaptable growth mindset in an ever-changing work environment.



Tools and Worksheets

Specially designed handouts and worksheets provide an additional way for you to help students hone in on things they can do, right now, to maximize their chances at reaching their career goals — even during a time of extreme turbulence in the job market. Each sheet gives you a way to take what you’ve learned from the videos above and put those concepts into practice with your students. They’re yours to download, review, share and use. 


Networking Handout
Is building and cultivating professional relationships worth the effort? Show students the tools of the practice, ways to establish their network and how to develop a network plan — one that can pay off with “you’re hired.”

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Skills and Strengths Inventory Worksheet

How do a student’s soft and hard skills translate into different career fields? This interactive tool helps students identify their skills and strengths to build a story about the value they bring to various jobs.

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Growth Mindset Sheet

What’s the difference between growth and fixed mindset? Understanding how to get a student to accept challenges and try new things can help them develop abilities and reach higher levels of achievement.

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As an affiliate of the Strada Education Network, InsideTrack is part of a family of organizations working to improve student success and strengthen education-to-employment pathways. This gives us (and you) access to the latest research and data, interactive learning resources and insight specific to adult learners. Feel free to click, explore, research and learn.


SkillsMatch is an interactive tool that provides personalized recommendations for learning and work — based on the skills you have and the skills you want to learn. This powerful tool can also help students find a job.

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This student-centric educational resource page is chock full of documentaries, archived interviews, podcasts, viewing guides and more. There’s even a Roadmap tool that matches students to potential career paths.

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This comprehensive resource center offers a wide array of rich data topics — including job posting trends, COVID-19’s impact on job fields and the labor market, the future of remote work and more.


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