Your prospective students have chosen your institution. Let's set them up for success. InsideTrack Strong Start Coaching helps bridge the gap from the time a student is admitted into your institution through the first semester of classes. Strong Start Coaching guides students through the beginning of their college careers, showing them how to manage their busy schedules and preparing them to overcome potential challenges that could keep them from continuing on the right foot. Using a strategic combination of personalized support and adaptive technology, Strong Start Coaching puts your students in prime position for a rewarding academic future. 



Strong Start Coaching utilizes the uCoach® technology platform to provide personalized coaching tailored to the student’s unique needs via multiple channels. Through this program, institutions can:

  • Establish a personal connection and start building a relationship with the student upon enrollment
  • Connect students with institutional resources prior to the first day of class
  • Show students how to manage their busy schedules
  • Prepare students to overcome potential challenges that could keep them on track
  • Engage with students on their terms, the way they prefer through multichannel communication

We know that each institution is unique.

Below are three Strong Start packages to help you decide what fits your institutional needs best.


Strong Start Essentials

Provides students with general support,  helping them navigate deadlines and leverage institutional resources  


Strong Start Plus

Provides students with personalized support, enhancing the student experience and boosting engagement


Strong Start Pro

Provides students with one on one coaching support, increasing yield and retention


   Essentials Plus Pro
InsideTrack Coaching - With insights from coaching over 1.5M students over 1,600 programs, students will have access to InsideTrack Coaches to help them through their unique journey x x x
uCoach App - Students will have direct access to their coach and personalized digital content to help them achieve their goals x x x
Monthly Reports - Identify and track students’ progress through specific milestones x x x
Nudge Campaigns - Coach directed texts and two-way messaging tailored to the institution’s own academic and financial deadlines x x x
Monthly Drop-ins - Students can engage with peers and discuss relevant topics through interactive Q&A sessions    x x
Flexible Sub-campaigns - Targeted coaching to sub-groups based on sophisticated segmentation   x x
1:1 Coaching Sessions - Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions designed to meet with students at critical points during the student journey     x


Optional Services







Custom reports - Additional reporting based on institutional needs Available Available  Available 
Custom modules - Content modules designed for your institution  Available  Available Available 
Data Consulting Services - Includes in-person data kick off and data mapping  Available Available Available


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“InsideTrack’s uCoach Platform makes it easier for student support teams to provide effective outreach and track whether it leads to improved outcomes for students.”

- Ben Castleman, Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy, University of Virginia


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