Year One Solution Offerings for AASCU RFY Institutions

InsideTrack is passionate about student success and proud to partner with the RFY community. We’re dedicated to sharing data, insights, and best practices while continuing to adapt and improve our ability to help state colleges and universities achieve their goals to unlock the potential of their students. 

We’ve been listening carefully to the needs and priorities of the 44 participating RFY institutions and have designed the following solution components to:

  • Drive immediate positive student impact

  • Address the nonacademic skills students need for success

  • Generate valuable data for individual institutions, the RFY community, and AASCU as a whole

  • Inform next steps for continuous improvement and customization


What: A re-enrollment campaign deployed in spring 2017 to students who dropped or stopped out during or just after the first year. The offering includes a summary of trends, drop analysis, and recommendations.
How: InsideTrack coaches are trained to represent your institution and offer support to help students resume their studies. Coaches conduct proactive outreach via phone and email to reconnect students to their purpose for pursuing a degree, remind them of the value of your institution, define and execute a plan for returning, and develop the skills needed to persist and graduate.
Why: Re-enrolling former students is more cost effective than recruiting new ones and it prevents the negative consequences faced by students who have some credits but no degree. Re-enrollment campaigns also generate actionable data and insights to help you understand the root causes of attrition that can inform resource allocation to improve outcomes.
Example: At one large public institution, a five-week-long re-enrollment campaign resulted in nearly 1,000 students coming back to school for an ROI of approximately 10X. 

What: High-tech, multichannel student outreach and engagement campaign deployed spring/summer 2017 to incoming freshmen.

How: Our professional coaches leverage the InsideTrack uCoach® Technology and Analytics Platform to engage students with campus resources and strengthen their commitments to pursuing a degree at their chosen institution. With a combination of self-service, on-demand content, automated nudges, and additional personnel, all incoming students can receive tailored support. Optional one-on-one intensive coaching can be included.

Why: Students need support to bridge the gap from the time they choose your institution to the time they matriculate. Access to relevant information and personalized support sets the stage and influences student engagement for the rest of their college careers.

Example: For less than one dollar a day, all incoming students receive access to custom content, timely evidence-based nudges, and live coaching support.


What: A comprehensive, detailed report of strengths, opportunities, and actionable recommendations for maximizing existing advising, coaching, or mentoring programs at your institution.

How: Our experienced consultants, trainers, and coach managers will thoroughly review your student support ecosystem to identify areas of strength to leverage and systems where process improvement, training, professional development, or other changes could significantly improve your operation. Consultants will develop a thoughtfully tailored report based on individual and departmental interviews, shadows, and focus groups.

Why: Whether you’ve recently built a “one-stop” shop, introduced intrusive advising, or launched a peer-coaching initiative, your institution has invested considerable resources in student support services and it’s essential to know how they’re performing to drive student outcomes. Our assessment will equip you with tangible evidence and clear next steps and recommendations to get the most out of your current investments in student success.

Example: For the cost of a small consulting project, a medium-sized public university received a 50+ page report including a recommended training plan, simple and cost-effective process improvements, and performance management strategies. The university also learned about detailed examples of customized high-impact student coaching interactions focused on cultivating belonging, growth mindset, and other important nonacademic/noncognitive skills needed for success.



Make the First Year the Best Year with RFY and InsideTrack

The above components can be customized to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of data and insights to inform your next steps and help you get the most out of all three years of the RFY initiative. We’re offering special pricing, streamlined implementation, and tailored reporting to maximize the value of this initial solution for the entire RFY community.

To learn more about how InsideTrack can configure a first-year solution to help you get the most out of your RFY participation, contact