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A Story of Re-Enrollment Coaching Success

Wake Technical Community College

InsideTrack partnered with Wake Tech to provide re-enrollment coaching to stopped-out students in Fall 2020. In a short period of time, InsideTrack made a significant impact on student re-enrollment setting up returning students for success and helping Wake Tech identify challenges that their stopped-out students are facing. 

Supporting community colleges helps more than the students and the institutions themselves. Community colleges are a key pillar of regional economies.

InsideTrack believes that when outcomes for community college students improve, society improves. And that is what unlocking potential is all about. 

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“I didn’t think about going back to school until you contacted me. Thank you so much for all of your help.
I really appreciate it.”


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The Challenge

Based in Wake County, Wake Tech is North Carolina's largest community college, serving over 70,000 adults annually. Following national trends, community colleges in North Carolina have struggled with enrollment during the pandemic. Curriculum (for-credit) enrollment at North Carolina’s two-year public colleges for Fall 2020 was down 5% and total enrollment was down 17% from the previous year. 


The Solution

 Wake Tech identified 1,288 students who were not currently enrolled, but who were close to completing a credential. Wake Tech worked with InsideTrack on a targeted re-enrollment program to engage with these students. Through the partnership, 201 students returned for Spring 2021 — a rate of 15.6%. 

This re-enrollment program yielded a 383% return on investment for the institution in just over a three-month period from launch through census 

Kai Wang, Senior Dean, Strategic Innovations and Chief Campus Officer for Wake Tech Online



Community colleges have a broad impact on regional economies  

Emsi, a labor market information firm, completed economic impact studies for
45 two-year colleges using FY 2018-19 data. 

For every dollar spent:

EMSI Data for Wake Tech